About us

CSCS was founded in December of 2012 in Nicosia, Cyprus by Daniel Hayes, Ph. D. Numerous subcontractors have assisted over the years on a project by project basis. With our academic and technical background, as well as our seagoing and survey experience, we have been serving the public and private sector with data collection, analysis, and reporting services. Our specialty is marine robotics and autonomous systems, such as gliders, AUVs, ROVs, moorings, and landers as well as operational forecasting and observing systems.

Daniel Hayes
Managing Director
CSCS Managing Director, Dr. Daniel Hayes, is a physical oceanographer experienced in autonomous platforms and operational oceanography. After Arctic and Antarctic expeditions, he relocated to Cyprus in 2004, set up the national glider program, advanced the operational oceanography group and is now one of the leaders of the effort to establish a European and international glider infrastructure for science and industry. He has a long history of managing research and commercial contracts as well as scientific and technical achievements in cooperation with the CSCS team.
Kyriakos Mavris
Technical Director
Mr Kyriakos Mavris has a BSEE degree from the University of South Alabama. After graduating he worked with Philamon Inc. NY, USA, a company specializing at both Commercial and Military Electromechanical devices and systems, including various sensors, like Night Vision IR sensors, frequency generators and optical devices. After several years he joined Cyprus Port & Marine Police (P&M P) as an Electrical/Electronics engineer where he spent 25 years, the last 5 of them as a P&M P Commander. During his service he worked on ship and equipment procurement, supervising/coordinating projects, teaching electrical and electronics subjects. Since his early retirement from Cyprus P&M Police he was employed by CSCS and is involved in the technical aspects as well as expanding the business and maintaining customer contact.
Ehsan Abdi
Head Engineer
Electronics Engineer and a maker with a diverse background and deep software/hardware understanding, having many years of field experience operating autonomous underwater vehicles and sensors.