Marine Data Provision

Set up, deployment and/or operation of observation and forecasting systems

Autonomous: AUVs, USVs, landers, moorings, drifters and floats

Traditional: Ship-based and ROV sampling

Customized to user requirements: full ocean depth

Open Source Models for Currents, Waves, Trajectories

Analysis and Reporting

Environmental Impact Assessments

Historical data sets and re-analysis

Instrument Repair and Maintenance

CSCS can repair your equipment and help you find a replacement (rental or purchase) in a matter of days through its network of suppliers. In many cases, the original manufacturer must handle the repair, and we can assist in expediting the procedure.

Instrument Training

We provide training on the operation of specialized marine equipment, both sensor and platforms. Examples include gliders, drifters, floats, CTDs, ADCPs, and numerous sensors.

System Integration

We are capable of matching sensors to platforms for user requirements. This includes sensor integration on a variety of oceanographic platforms either with real-time connection to the shore or with a logger device.

We specialize in custom (small, low power, full ocean depth) interfaces between platforms and sensors. This is a requirement of modern autonomous platforms.

Marine Ecological Monitoring

Bathymetric surveys

Seafloor habitat and substrate mapping

Fisheries and aquaculture water quality monitoring

Diving and ROV Surveys

Underwater Inspection (CSWIP 3.4U)

ROV piloting and surveys