Internship at CSCS

Do you want experience with marine technology and science?

Cyprus Subsea operates and develops the latest marine technologies in a welcoming environment. We’re always interested in university students and recent graduates seeking a placement in an innovative environment. In the past, we’ve supported both students and graduates with backgrounds in engineering and marine sciences.

Currently, our facility is located on the beautiful island of Cyprus. We provide a variety of oceanographic equipment such as underwater gliders, UAVs, ROVs, surface drifters, subsea positioning devices and various sensors for purchase or rental. Additionally, we support every step of setup and data analysis of observation and forecasting systems. As a product developer, we also develop custom products and systems for user-specific needs.

If chosen, you can spend a few months as an intern gaining experience in the fields of:

  • Physical Oceanography,
  • Electronics Engineering,
  • Computer Science,
  • Software Engineering &
  • Underwater Acoustics.

Feel free to contact us: