Projects’ Findings Implemented in a new project CliN-BluFeed

Continuing our mission to operate, maintain, develop, and supply ocean gliders, we celebrated the kick-off of the CliN-BluFeed Project funded by the Horizon Europe, Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership (SBEP).

Cyprus Subsea has partnered with Akvaplan-niva (APN) in Norway, the AIR Centre – Atlantic International Research Centre in Portugal, Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IOPAN) in Poland, and Alfred Wegener Institute in Germany for this project titled “A low-CO2 smart autonomous multiplatform system to monitor and forecast Calanus finmarchicus stock – a new sustainable climate-neutral blue fish feed”.

The primary objective of this project is to develop methodologies to advance the Norwegian Sea Calanus fishery as a climate-neutral blue resource for the aquaculture industry. Project partners are harnessing the potential of cutting-edge, autonomous marine monitoring technologies coupled with remote sensing, artificial intelligence (AI), simulation modelling, and experimental investigations. Calanus is an attractive feed source since it contains important fatty acids of great importance to fish health in salmon farming.

Testing an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - Seaglider in Cyprus before the scientific cruise in Norway
Testing newly refurbished Seaglider in Cyprus before the scientific cruise in Norway

Building on Successful Collaborations

Following successful collaboration during the BIOGLIDER Project, CliN-BluFeed partners will continue to improve on the work initiated by that MARTERA ERA-NET funded project.

As a partner of the OS Aqua Project, Cyprus Subsea and our collaborators produced practical recommendations and investment suggestions for the development of open sea aquaculture in Cyprus. We discovered that the quality and cost of feed is one of the major drawbacks in the further development of aquaculture in Cyprus. As a part of a network of scientists that work closely with the Cyprus Association of Fish Farmers, Cyprus Subsea is in a unique position to disseminate the project results to local fish farmers and engage in user dialogue on the outcomes of the CliN-BluFeed Project. CliN-BluFeed will also build on the activities of the EU project Gliders for Research Ocean Observation & Management: Infrastructure and Innovation (GROOM II). This project developed the foundation for a European marine autonomous system research infrastructure that promotes the standardization of glider operations and data sharing to strengthen the blue economy.

Now with the CliN-BluFeed Project, we continue developing innovative environmentally friendly monitoring technologies for aquaculture operations!