Seaglider Training Courses at CSIRO & UTAS in Tasmania

Dr. Laura Herraiz Borreguero of Australia’s Marine National Facility of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is leading a team, in cooperation with the University of Tasmania (UTAS), to collect oceanographic data from the Southern Ocean.

Over 10 days in October, Dr. Daniel Hayes of Cyprus Subsea Consulting and Services C.S.C.S. Ltd (CSCS) provided in-depth training for Seaglider operations and maintenance to the engineers, technicians, and scientists at CSIRO and UTAS. Besides being an official representative of manufacturer Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII) concerning Seaglider and REMUS sales in many European countries, CSCS staff have been operating and maintaining Seaglider fleets around the world for many years.

With the new capabilities of a deep-diving long-endurance AUV, CSIRO/UTAS will expand their operations closer to Antarctic ice shelves and over wider range of weather and seasonal conditions, as well as longer campaigns overall.

Pilot Training Course

The Pilot Training Course took place over a 5 day period including both classroom and practical sessions. Moreover, this course covered these topics:

  • Safety
  • Principles of Operation
  • System Components
  • Command & Control
  • Unpacking & Assembly
  • Tank Testing
  • Launch Rehearsals
  • Mission Planning & Preparation
  • Field Team Launch Practical Exercise
  • Pilot Team Practical Exercise
  • In situ Compass Calibration
  • Seaglider Recovery Practical Exercise
  • Equipment Recovery
  • Mission Review

Refurbishment Training Course

The Refurbishment Training Course took place over a 4 day period including practical sessions with actual glider systems. Furthermore, this course covered these topics:

  • Disassembly of Vehicle
  • Removal of Batteries
  • Removal of Sensors including CT sail
  • Preparation for Shipment to Factory for Recalibration
  • Installation of Batteries
  • Sensor Change/ Installation/Configuration including Logging & Serial Device Interface
  • Vehicle Firmware Update
  • Reassembly of Vehicle
  • Compass Calibration
  • System Retest
  • SIM card, CF card, & Main Board Changes
  • Aft Section Replacement
  • Trim Sheets
  • Vehicle Ballasting
  • Advanced Ballasting

Please reach out if you are interested in these Seaglider Training Courses for your organization.