Sensor Integration & Testing

Cyprus Subsea Sensor Integration

In addition to sensors available in stock and through our partners, Cyprus Subsea offers custom sensor integration on existing autonomous ocean platforms, especially underwater gliders. This integration service also includes building stationary monitoring systems according to our customer’s needs.

From custom cable assemblies to battery packs, we developed a line of products that add value to autonomous observing systems through increased capabilities and lower costs. In addition to a SMART Cable, our product line includes ocean acoustics payloads and passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) buoys.

Cable Assemblies

SMART Cable with visible PCB

CSCS offers overmolding and cable splicing services – both simple cable assemblies as well as assemblies with an inline circuit, creating a SMART Cable (aka SIRMA™). These cable assemblies work at full ocean depth.

Custom Battery Pack Design & Fabrication 

Seaglider 24V & 10V Battery Packs

CSCS designs & fabricates custom battery packs for various subsea applications. We source reliable & reputable batteries and ensure high quality fabrication.

Feel free to reach out about your custom sensor integration needs.