2nd Annual Dual Use Marine Technologies Workshop – Agenda

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You’re invited to the 2nd Annual Dual Use Marine Technologies Workshop. This two day workshop is co-organized alongside the Maritime Institute of Eastern Mediterranean (Mar.In.E.M) and the Cyprus University of Technology and supported by the EU-funded PROteuS (PROmoting security and safeTy by crEating a MED clUster on Maritime Surveillance) project. This workshop brings together marine and […]

Good Luck to Camille & her Fellow Matelots!

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Cyprus Subsea congratulates our intern, Camille De Veyrac, on the completion of her research project and wishes her well on her next adventure! Camille is a graduate student at the École Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées (ENSTA) Paris, a French graduate school of engineering. Her summer internship research project revolved around the field of acoustics […]

Ocean Gliders Deployed to Improve Forecasts of Hurricane Intensity

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This summer, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientists are deploying ocean gliders to measure salinity and temperature at different depths of the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. These gliders collect critical data at various depths to enhance hurricane intensity forecasts. Both temperature and the salt content are important since warm water […]

Importance of Efficient Ports, Data-Sharing & the STEAM Project

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Cyprus Subsea Consulting and Services Ltd (CSCS) is proud of our ongoing contributions to advance sea traffic management, innovative monitoring & forecasting systems through Sea Traffic Management in the EAstern Mediterranean (STEAM). This three-year project funded under the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation’s “Integrated” projects develops the Port of Limassol to become a world-class transshipment and […]

CSCS continues to support the GLIDER & STRESSOR projects with Seaglider maintenance & operations

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Akvaplan-niva is taking part in a study of offshore ecosystems using the latest autonomous technology. On this past Sunday, 28 April, Akvaplan-niva deployed the Kongsberg Maritime Seaglider from Hydroid, Inc., pictured here leaving the port in Tromso. Cyprus Subsea is proud to be supporting the project with glider maintenance and operations (launch, recovery, piloting). The […]

CSCS takes a step towards effective & sustainable global port management

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Cyprus Subsea Consulting and Services Ltd (CSCS) is contributing to advanced Sea Traffic Management systems by providing expertise for the development of efficient port management tools and innovative monitoring and forecasting systems for reducing the risk and impact of accidents, through the recently inaugurated project STEAM (Sea Traffic Management in the EAstern Mediterranean). STEAM is a […]