Oceanographic Data Services

Cyprus Subsea Modelling for Currents

Modelling & Simulation

  • Predictions for currents, waves & trajectories for pollution or objects
  • Analysis and reporting of large environmental data sets for baseline, operation planning or offshore design requirements

Eastern Mediterranean Temperature & Currents December 2016

Marine Data Products

  • Collection and/or analysis and reporting of measurements from various platforms: AUVs, USVs, landers, moorings, floats, drifters, ships & ROVs. Customized to user requirements: full ocean depth
  • Multi-beam bathymetric surveys
  • Seafloor habitat & substrate mapping
  • Fisheries, aquaculture & port water quality monitoring
  • Water & sediment sampling and analysis in partnership with Food Labs
  • Passive & active acoustic monitoring
    • Marine mammal observer
    • Environmental assessments of underwater acoustic noise
    • Monitoring and mitigation for marine life, including sea mammals
    • Locating sound sources, such as pipeline leaks, malfunctioning equipment, or flight data recorders
    • Echo-sounder fish, plankton, & bubble detection & quantification