Oceanographic Sensors & Systems

Cyprus Subsea Consulting and Services (CSCS) owns and maintains a number of oceanographic sensors. The sensors available for rent are from these various manufacturers:


Idronaut ph and redox probe

Ocean Seven 306 pH/Redox probe

  • pH sensor
    • Type: blue glass membrane (100 MOhm @ 20°C)
    • Measurement range: 0..+14 pH
    • Accuracy: 0.01 pH
    • Resolution: 0.001 pH
    • Drift: 0.05 pH/month
    • Response time: 3 s
    • Max pressure: 700 bar
    • Sensor body: titanium
    • Compensation: automatic thermal compensation
  • Redox sensor
    • Type: platinum electrode
    • Measurement range: -1000 to +1000 mV
    • Accuracy: 1 mV
    • Resolution: 0.1 mV
    • Max Pressure: 700 bar
    • Response time 3s
    • Sensor Body: titanium
    • Compensation: none

Ocean Sonics

icListen Smart Hydrophone

icListen HF Hydrophone

  • Frequency Range: 10 Hz – 200 kHz
  • Low power, approximately 2 W
  • Supplies real-time waveform & processed data in tethered mode
  • Processed data in tab separated spreadsheet .TXT format
  • Waveform data in WAV format, with meta data stored in file header
  • 128GB of internal storage capacity
  • Event detection, up to 5 bandwidth configurable triggers
  • Monitors internal temperature & humidity
  • Indicates startup/shutdown through buzzer patterns
  • Seconds can be aligned to falling edge of PPS
  • Time of day can be synchronized through messages encoded in PPS
  • Ethernet interface
  • 3500 meters depth rated
  • Size: 48 mm dia., 267 mm long (RB9 models are 317mm long)
  • Compatible for pairing with Seaglider (1000 m), SBE 19plus V2, or with stand-alone rechargeable battery pack (2000 m)

Sea-Bird Electronics

SBE 19plus V2

SBE 19plus V2 CTD

  • Conductivity, Temperature, Pressure & up to seven auxiliary sensors
  • User-programmable mode: profiling at 4 Hz, or moored sampling at user-programmable intervals
  • RS-232 interface, internal memory & internal alkaline batteries (can be powered externally)
  • Pump-controlled, T-C ducted flow to minimize salinity spiking
  • 7000 meter depth rated
  • Next generation of the SeaCAT family, field-proven since 1987
SBE 32 Water Carousel Sampler

SBE 32 Carousel Water Sampler

  • 12 bottles of 5 liters capacity each
  • Integrated with 19plus V2 CTD
  • Autonomous (pre-programmed) or real-time data acquisition & water sampling – bottle firing in any order
  • 7000 meter depth rated


  • Moored Conductivity, Temperature & Pressure measurements at user-programmable 6-sec to 6-hour intervals
  • RS-232 interface & internal memory
  • Internal memory & external power
  • Pump runs for 1 second for each sample, providing improved conductivity response & bio-fouling protection


Simrad EK80 Scientific

EK80 Ultracompact Echosounder

  • WBT (KMSimrad)
    • Integrated for function with Seaglider M1 Ogive
    • Single beam electronics housed in 1000 m-rated pressure vessel
    • Autonomous mode supported
    • Low power consumption, low displacement
  • Transducer (KM Simrad)
    • 333 kHz wideband (250-360 kHz sweep)
    • Single beam
    • Rated to 1500 meters

Turner Designs

Turner 6k Cyclops Sensor

Cyclops-6K Fluorescence & Backscatter Sensors

The newest version of the Cyclops Submersible Sensors enables fluorescence detection to ocean depths of 6000 meters. Reinforced titanium housing and a specialized optical head ensure sensor integrity at extreme pressures. The LED excitation source allows for low power consumption and excellent signal stability enabling long-term deployments.

  • Available with the following optics: Turbidity, Chlorophyll, Crude oil, Refined Fuel & CDOM/FDOM
  • 6000 m depth rated
  • Easily integrates with CTDs, ROVs, AUVs
  • Low power consumption

Other sensors & platforms available upon request

CSCS offers the rental and purchase of many other sensors through our partner network.

Sensors available through our partners
  • Acoustic Doppler Current Meters & Profilers
  • Single & Multi-beam Echosounders
  • Camera & Lighting Systems
  • Diver & ROV Accessories