PAM Smart Buoy

Smart Whale Sounds Buoy

A Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) Buoy offers real-time acoustic monitoring with a smart hydrophone, environmental data buoy and global system for mobile (GSM) communications bridge. When deployed in the ocean, the PAM Smart Buoy captures sounds from the surrounding environment and facilitates real-time acoustic data transmission.

Ocean Sonics’ icListen Kayak new architecture is compact, energy efficient and scalable. This Smart Hydrophone has a wide dynamic range for high quality data & long term stability. This all-in-one instrument processes data while streaming HD acoustic data in real time. It is configured to keep all raw data or keep only data of specific frequency set by the user.

In particular, Cyprus Subsea integrated the icListen Kayak with a GSM bridge to provide users with real-time connection to their hydrophone. We can build a similar system for your particular needs.

Key Features of Ocean Sonics icListen Kayak Hydrophone

  • Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM)
  • Bandwidth 10 Hz to 200 kHz
  • 24-bit Resolution
  • Very High Sensitivity
  • Ultra Low Noise Sensing Element
  • Extra Low Power, 0.2W
  • Scalable – can be used in arrays of up to 100 hydrophones

Ocean Acoustic Data Flow Diagram

Key Features of PAM Smart Buoy

  • Self-powered buoy with smart hydrophone with low power requirement
  • Long range communication over 10 km
  • Reliable connection with GSM station
  • User defined settings/algorithm
  • Provides acoustic stream & detected events
  • Full access to smart hydrophone in real-time

Smart Whale Sounds Project in Ireland

Cyprus Subsea supported the Smart Whale Sounds Project led by the Ocean Research and Conservation Association (ORCAIreland) in partnership with Huawei Ireland and Rainforest Connection (RFCx).

Since Ireland is home to one-third of all cetaceans worldwide, the project’s overall goal is to utilize the generated data to create a marine wildlife detection and classification model. Additionally, the gathered acoustic data provides baseline monitoring for Marine Protected Areas. High quality acoustic data is key to creating an early warning system. Such a system will slow ships in areas where whales and other cetaceans are present.

Cyprus Subsea was in charge of procuring a system consisting of an Ocean Sonics icListen broadband digital hydrophone and a GSM bridge. Our successful integration work facilitated real-time acoustic data transmission to the Huawei cloud.

The PAM Buoy technology has huge potential to enhance how marine mammals are monitored in Irish waters and has the potential to be scaled up for other projects around the world.