Dr. Daniel Hayes contributed to the recently published Maritime Informatics

Cyprus Subsea is proud to announce that Dr. Daniel Hayes is actively involved in the emerging field of maritime informatics.

Empowered by digitalization, maritime informatics is an emerging information technology theme that significantly improves the efficiency, sustainability, safety and resilience of shipping in the 21st century. Maritime Informatics is the first authoritative reference text on the subject. It is destined to be a key reference both for academia and maritime practitioners new to the topic.

This first comprehensive volume on the new field of Maritime Informatics provides decision support for the shipping industry. It examines spatial-temporal analytics as a foundation of Maritime Informatics.

Intelligent Maritime Information Acquisition and Representation for Decision Support

In particular, Dr. Hayes is a co-author of a chapter in Maritime Informatics titled “Intelligent Maritime Information Acquisition and Representation for Decision Support” along with several local co-authors.

As the Introduction of this chapter outlines:

The complexity of the natural marine processes and the rapidly increasing human maritime activity call for enhanced data acquisition and meaningful, timely collection and provision of information to human users for decision support… Innovation in maritime information production and representation will be achieved by the combination of smart management and agile response capabilities of cognitive systems.

Cognitive systems will utilise modern machine learning theory and algorithms that will optimally configure data acquisition systems… The cognitive decision support system will enhance information quality and quantity in the maritime space via efficient coordination of human cyber-physical resources forming a symbiotic relationship.

-excerpt from a chapter of Maritime Informatics titled “Intelligent Maritime Information Acquisition and Representation for Decision Support”

Building a Digital Foundation

As an energy and capital-intensive industry, shipping needs to build a digital foundation to improve decision making. As a new field, maritime informatics is an emerging discourse joining practitioners and researchers. They explore the opportunities enabled by enhanced digital data sharing, digital collaboration and data analytics.

This first volume of Maritime Informatics includes contributions from 81 authors (47 practitioners and 34 researchers) from 20 nations. To purchase this volume, visit https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783030508913#

Springer is part of Springer Nature, a global publisher that serves and supports the research community. 

For more more resources, visit maritimeinformatics.org