State of the art aquaculture in the Eastern Mediterranean

As a partner of the Open Sea Aquaculture in the Eastern Mediterranean (OS Aqua) Project, Cyprus Subsea contributed to Work Package 4: Spatial Planning of Marine Aquaculture and recommended suitable zones for offshore aquaculture.

Cyprus Subsea is currently contributing to Work Package 5: Design of offshore marine aquaculture. More specifically, we recently led an onsite survey of essential ocean variables off the coast of Cyprus.

In addition, we are leading a task within Work Package 6: Ongoing monitoring of Offshore Mariculture stations by providing aquaculture cage status sensors.

Marine Aquaculture Research

Moreover, Cyprus Subsea is researching:

  • the commercial market for open sea aquaculture subsystems and
  • best practice guidelines for improved fish performances, quality, health & welfare.

New Website

For more information, please visit OS Aqua Project’s new website:

Cyprus Subsea collaborators for these Work Packages

OS Aqua provides a host of socioeconomic benefits to Cyprus. They include increasing food exports, attracting investments, opening new work positions and ensuring social acceptance and environmental sustainability.

OS Aqua is co-financed with €800.000 by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research and Innovation Foundation (grant number INTEGRATED/0918/0046).