[PRESS RELEASE] Cyprus Subsea is an International Distributor of SubC Imaging

We are pleased to announce that Cyprus Subsea has become an international distributor for SubC Imaging. Cyprus Subsea is entitled to distributing SubC Imaging products, services, and support in Cyprus, Greece, and Israel.

SubC Cameras, LEDs & Lasers

SubC Imaging’s Rayfin product line can record videos of up to 4K resolution, as well as capture ultra-high-resolution digital stills. From ROVs to AUVs and ocean observatories, SubC Imaging can easily incorporate the Rayfin onto any platform. For remote monitoring, a battery powers the camera system. The Aquorea LED product functions as a lamp for video recording or strobe when taking stills. In summary, SubC Imaging specifically designed their Rayfin product line to house lighting and/or lasers which are powered and controlled through the camera itself.

With its proprietary water-corrected LiquidOptics, rugged build, and versatile features, SubC’s low-latency cameras are purposely built to withstand severe marine environments. To consistently provide uncompromising 4K and HD video and imaging quality, SubC cameras deliver live HD over Ethernet or coax and live 4K over fiber optics.

Marine researchers around the globe widely use SubC’s Rayfin cameras, LEDs, and lasers in diverse subsea applications. By offering modular integration with ROVs, AUVs, Observatories, and Autonomous Operations, SubC Imaging’s camera systems have the advanced ability to adapt to users’ unique needs. Moreover, LEDS and laser products are software controlled and can easily be integrated into their camera systems.

Cyprus Subsea is globally known for its excellent work in subsea robotics and communications. We’re thrilled to be adding our camera systems to their portfolio and to be represented by fellow experts in the industry.

Chad Collett, Founder and CEO of SubC Imaging
SubC Imaging’s Products included in the Distribution Agreement
  • Underwater Cameras
  • Underwater LEDs
  • Underwater Lasers
  • Topside video recording & overlay systems (DVR+O)
  • Tow Camera System
Topside Video Recording & Overlay System

In addition, this Distribution Agreement with Cyprus Subsea includes remote streaming services, extended hours tech support, and extended warranties.

Cyprus Subsea adds a new dimension to our ocean observing portfolio of products, including imagery and video for the first time. SubC Imaging products have impressed us as top notch, just like their staff.

Dr. Daniel Hayes, Managing Director of Cyprus Subsea

SubC Imaging

As specialists in the ocean science market, SubC Imaging focuses on serving the research community. Trusted by researchers around the world, SubC camera systems are well-known for their industry-leading optics. Above all, quality research relies on capturing the best images possible. SubC cameras go above and beyond — especially in deep water and low-light environments. Purposely built with the harsh ocean environment in mind, their rugged design ensures there will be no need for maintenance for a number of years.

Built using a modular design, SubC systems are like Swiss Army knives. They deliver multiple features in one complete package with everything users need fully incorporated into a single system. A powerful API allows SubC camera systems to be easily combined with other devices and software. This makes it easier for their clients to tailor their systems for special operations like time-lapse recordings and automated data collection.

One critical application for SubC Imaging’s Rayfin cameras is subsea infrastructure inspection. The offshore renewable energy and oil and gas industries need easy and cost-efficient solution to inspect subsea power cables and pipelines. They can rely on SubC Imaging’s camera systems integrated on untethered autonomous vehicles.

For more information, please visit SubC Imaging’s website.