New Partnership with Nicola Offshore GmbH

Cyprus Subsea Consulting and Services C.S.C.S. Ltd (C.S.C.S.) is proud to announce a commercial partnership with Nicola Offshore GmbH. This commercial partnership agreement formalizes our combined goals of sharing knowledge and resources to unlock new efficiencies for acquiring marine data using multibeam echosounders, subsea gliders and ocean monitoring instruments.

Seaglider with rig in the background

Nicola Offshore opened in March 2021 as a sister company to Nicola Engineering, a survey company operating since the 1970s. Nicola Offshore brings technical expertise on special aspects of marine data acquisition to the partnership — especially object and unexploded ordinance (UXO) search. Cyprus Subsea contributes our expertise in subsea glider surveys and oceanographic sensors for marine monitoring. Our experience automating aspects of marine environmental surveying also benefits the partnership.

The partnership helps to extend the reach of both companies, opening more opportunities to support clients in Northern and Southern Europe. While the commercial potential is exciting, we’re also keen to extend our service platform with glider capabilities and expertise, and be part of developing new methodologies and processes together with C.S.C.S. that will enable us to expedite and secure the precision of the data we acquire on behalf of clients.

Daniel Esser, Managing Director of Nicola Offshore
Seaglider in Limassol

Nicola Offshore has demonstrated a unique focus on delivering high quality marine data for demanding ad-hoc campaigns, which we feel strongly complements our existing services and technology portfolio. We’re looking forward to developing the capabilities, technology and network of C.S.C.S. and Nicola Offshore, while at the same time providing new and extended capabilities to our established client base.

Dr. Daniel Hayes, Managing Director of Cyprus Subsea