Products & Services

Autonomous Marine Platforms & Related Services

We specialize in:

  • Underwater gliders

An underwater glider is a highly efficient AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) which utilizes small changes in buoyancy & attitude to achieve forward motion to cover long distances.

Manufactured by Kongsberg Underwater Technology, Inc. (Lynwood, WA), Seagliders are one of the most advanced oceanographic observing tools on the market & is available in three versions:

  • Seaglider C2 – Max depth: 200 m
  • Seaglider M1 – Max depth: 1000 m
  • Seaglider M6 – Max depth: 6000 m

CSCS staff have been operating Seagliders for over ten years in different seas of the world, under many different weather and sea conditions. We offer several after-sale services such as mission planning, launch/recovery, piloting, maintenance, training, data management, analysis and reporting as well as rental and purchase of Seagliders.

  • ASVs, AUVs & ROVs

CSCS offers a variety of AUV and ROV survey, inspection and related services through our network of manufacturers and professional operators such as Kongsberg, Seatronics, OceanScan, and Hydromea.

We currently own and operate a Blue Robotics BlueROV2 Heavy rated to an operating depth of 300 meters. It is ready to conduct inspection-class and research-class missions, test sensors and monitor subsea environments.

We also carry out joint work with manufacturers of surface vehicles, such as Offshore Sensing AS SailBuoy, Maritime Robotics Waveglider and H2O Robotics Floats and drifters.

  • Floats & Drifters

CSCS is the official representative for MetOcean in Cyprus and Greece. We also support other countries in the region with sales, training and data services. MetOcean produces profiling floats for passive acoustics and water properties and near-surface drifting systems for measuring currents and water properties for oceanographic studies, search and rescue and oil spill drift tracking.

CSCS is also an authorized distributor in Europe for MRV Systems who produce profiling floats meeting the Argo specification (standard and deep), as well as biogeochemical model.

  • Moorings, moored buoys & bottom-mounted platforms

CSCS designs and builds custom observing platforms for any ocean depth, including integrating sensors, designing power and communication systems, and configuring hardware mounting and installations. Applications include bottom-current monitoring, turbidity monitoring during drilling or dredging activity, passive acoustic monitoring, leak detection, and many more. Self-contained and on-line solutions are available. CSCS also provides standard or customized lander systems manufactured by our partner Kongsberg.

The following sensors in our inventory are available for rent:

Sea-Bird Electronics SBE 19plus v2 CTD

  • Conductivity, Temperature, Pressure & up to seven auxiliary sensors
  • User-programmable mode: profiling at 4 Hz, or moored sampling at user-programmable intervals
  • RS-232 interface, internal memory & internal alkaline batteries (can be powered externally)
  • Pump-controlled, T-C ducted flow to minimize salinity spiking
  • 7000 meter depth rated
  • Next generation of the SeaCAT family, field-proven since 1987

Sea-Bird Electronics SBE 32 Carousel Water Sampler


  • 12 bottles of 5 liters capacity each
  • Integrated with 19plus V2 CTD
  • Autonomous (pre-programmed) or real-time data acquisition & water sampling; bottle firing in any order
  • 7000 meter depth rated

Sea-Bird Electronics SBE 37 SIP CTD

  • Moored Conductivity, Temperature & Pressure measurements, at user-programmable intervals.
  • RS-232 interface & internal memory
  • Moored Conductivity, Temperature & Pressure, at user-programmable 6-sec to 6-hour intervals
  • Internal memory & external power
  • Pump runs for 1 second for each sample, providing improved conductivity response & bio-fouling protection

icListen HF Hydrophone

  • Frequency Range: 10 Hz – 200 kHz
  • Low power, approximately 2 W
  • Supplies real-time waveform & processed data in tethered mode
  • Processed data in tab separated spreadsheet .TXT format
  • Waveform data in WAV format, with meta data stored in file header
  • 128GB of internal storage capacity
  • Event detection, up to 5 bandwidth configurable triggers
  • Monitors internal temperature & humidity
  • Indicates startup/shutdown through buzzer patterns
  • Seconds can be aligned to falling edge of PPS
  • Time of day can be synchronized through messages encoded in PPS
  • Ethernet interface
  • 3500 meters depth rated
  • Size: 48 mm dia., 267 mm long (RB9 models are 317mm long)
  • Compatible for pairing with KM Seaglider (1000 m), SBE 19v2, or with stand-alone rechargeable battery pack (2000 m)

Cyclops 6k Fluorescence & Backscatter Sensors

The newest version of the Cyclops Submersible Sensors enables fluorescence detection to ocean depths of 6000 meters. Reinforced Titanium housing and a specialized optical head ensure sensor integrity at extreme pressures. The LED excitation source allows for low power consumption and excellent signal stability enabling long-term deployments.

  • Available with following optics: Turbidity, Chlorophyll, Crude oil, Refined Fuel & CDOM/FDOM
  • 6000 m depth rated
  • Easily integrates with CTDs, ROVs, AUVs
  • Low power consumption

EK80 Ultracompact Echosounder

  • WBT (KMSimrad)
    • Integrated for function with KM Seaglider M1 Ogive
    • Single beam electronics housed in 1000 m-rated pressure vessel
    • Autonomous mode supported
    • Low power consumption, low displacement
  • Transducer (KM Simrad)
    • 333 kHz wideband (250-360 kHz sweep)
    • Single beam
    • Rated to 1500 meters

Idronaut Ocean Seven 306 pH/Redox probe

  • pH sensor
    • Type: blue glass membrane (100 MOhm @ 20°C)
    • Measurement range: 0..+14 pH
    • Accuracy: 0.01 pH
    • Resolution: 0.001 pH
    • Drift: 0.05 pH/month
    • Response time: 3 s
    • Max pressure: 700 bar
    • Sensor body: titanium
    • Compensation: automatic thermal compensation
  • Redox sensor
    • Type: platinum electrode
    • Measurement range: -1000 to +1000 mV
    • Accuracy: 1 mV
    • Resolution: 0.1 mV
    • Max Pressure: 700 bar
    • Response time 3s
    • Sensor Body: titanium
    • Compensation: none

Remote Optical Watcher (ROW)

An autonomous non-contact sensor for the detection of oil on water developed by Laser Diagnostic Instruments (LDI), a remote-sensing technologies company that develops and makes sensing systems that analyze substances in real time.

  • ROW detects:
    • motor oils
    • turbine oils
    • vegetable oils
    • fuel oils
    • marine diesel oils
    • crude oils
    • heating oils
    • lube oils
    • hydraulic oils
    • gas oils
    • mineral oils

Other sensors & platforms upon request

CSCS offers the purchase or rental of many other sensors through our partner network. Examples include acoustic Doppler current meters and profilers, single and multi-beam echosounders, camera and lighting systems, diver and ROV accessories.

Sensors & System Integration

In addition to the sensors on hand or through partners, we offer custom sensor integration on existing autonomous ocean platforms, especially underwater gliders. This also includes building stationary monitoring systems according to customer’s needs.


Cable Assemblies & SMART Cable

CSCS offers overmolding and cable splicing services – both simple cable assemblies as well as assemblies with an inline circuit, creating a SMART Cable. These cable assemblies work at full ocean depth.

DeepEcho Module

The DeepEcho Module is the first scientific wide-band echosounder – deployable to a depth of 1000 meters – successfully integrated onto an ocean glider.

CSCS redesigned the compact version of SIMRAD EK80 wideband transceiver (WBT) echosounder in order to fit in the M1 Seaglider payload bay. The reconfigured WBT electronics fit into a cylindrical aluminium pressure housing, and the design includes a 333 kHz single-beam transducer.

gListen Board

The gListen Board is an Ethernet to RS-232 converter with voltage regulation and onboard memory for downloading data.

Paired with an OceanSonics icListen digital hydrophone, the gListen board keeps track of events detected by the hydrophone and reports them at the end of each dive via satellite.

The board facilitates near real-time event detection and spectrum retrieval. User-configured frequency spectra can also be transmitted.

Custom Battery Pack Design & Fabrication

CSCS designs & fabricates custom battery packs for various subsea applications.

We source reliable & reputable batteries and ensure high quality fabrication each & every time!

Oceanographic Data Services

Modelling & Simulation

  • Predictions for currents, waves, trajectories for pollution or objects
  • Analysis and reporting of large environmental data sets for baseline, operation planning or offshore design requirements

Marine Data Products

  • Collection and/or analysis and reporting of measurements from various platforms: AUVs, USVs, landers, moorings, floats, drifters, ships & ROVs. Customized to user requirements: full ocean depth
  • Multi-beam bathymetric surveys
  • Seafloor habitat & substrate mapping
  • Fisheries, aquaculture & port water quality monitoring
  • Water & sediment sampling and analysis in partnership with Food Labs
  • Passive & active acoustic monitoring
    • Marine mammal observer
    • Environmental assessments of underwater acoustic noise
    • Monitoring and mitigation for marine life, including sea mammals
    • Locating sound sources, such as pipeline leaks, malfunctioning equipment, or flight data recorders
    • Echo-sounder fish, plankton, & bubble detection & quantification


  • CSCS is the official representative for MetOcean in Cyprus and Greece. We offer:
    • Iridium Satellite phones & SIM cards
    • Iridium Satellite Airtime Plans (RUDICS, CSD, SBD, voice)
    • Iridium Certus Broadband
    • SeaMESH
      • Wireless Mesh Network
      • Exchange video, system data and voice
      • Up to 8.9 Mb/s of traffic
      • Range up to 10km node to node
      • Simple to install & operate
    • SeaVISION II
      • Secure one-way digital link
      • Digital link for video, audio & data
      • Proven range of 20km
      • Resistant to multipath problems