You’re Invited to GROOM II General Assembly & Workshops

The Gliders for Research, Ocean Observation and Management Infrastructure and Innovation (GROOM II) Project is holding its mid-term General Assembly on the 16th through 18th of February 2022. This event will be a great opportunity to meet with project partners, share our achievements since the beginning of the project, and make plans for the future of the marine research infrastructure.

The General Assembly and their accompanying workshops will take place both in person at Ecole des Mines de Paris and online. Teleconference links to those workshops open to the general public will be provided upon request.

Workshops Open to the General Public

  • Workshop 1 – Access and services – pilot actions on key message, catalogue of services (Maaten Furlong – NOC and Pierre Testor – CNRS)
  • Workshop 2 – Technology roadmap of the GROOM RI (Alvaro Lorenzo Lopez – NOC, Pierre Testor – CNRS, João Sousa – UPorto and Ailin Brakstad – UIB)
  • Workshop 3 – Engagement of the GROOM RI with nations from Europe (Johannes Kartensen – GEOMAR, Ulpu Leijala – FMI and Paul Gaughan – MI)

For the full agenda and to request access links to the public workshops, please visit GROOM II Project’s website.