Cyprus Subsea is MRV Systems’ Exclusive European Distributor

MRV Systems, LLC and Cyprus Subsea Consulting and Services Ltd. (CSCS) are pleased to announce that Cyprus Subsea has become an international distributor for MRV. Cyprus Subsea has an exclusive position for MRV Systems products in all European Economic Area countries.

MRV Systems Product Line

The addition of MRV profiling floats completes Cyprus Subsea’s portfolio of autonomous platforms of ocean gliders (Hydroid) and surface drifters (MetOcean). Scientists in the United States and Australia widely use MRV profiling floats which are known for their superior build quality and technical and scientific performance.

This partnership aligns perfectly with our approach to provide customers with tools and methods to carry out world-class science.

Dr. Daniel Hayes, Managing Director of Cyprus Subsea

Our Value & Services

MRV’s entry in European markets with CSCS will add value and services. As proven experts in autonomous technology, Cyprus Subsea will help customers in a variety of ways.

Suite of Services

  • Assists customers with selecting the right autonomous system or group of systems for the problem at hand
  • Trains customer’s team in Cyprus or at their own base
  • Supports MRV profiling floats deployment and piloting
  • Provides Iridium data services at competitive rates
  • Provides scientific consulting

We chose CSCS because Dan and his team really understand the oceanographic technology, both sensors and platforms, needed to advance the science as well as to maintain good monitoring systems. They’re experts in observational systems and buoyancy-driven vehicles which is a perfect fit for MRV’s products.

Dr. Fritz Stahr, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer of MRV

MRV is a world-wide leader in profiling float reliability and performance with float models that span a range of depths and a variety of launch platforms.

MRV Systems’ ALTO™ to be deployed in the Antarctic

From basic ocean research to maritime domain awareness, MRV Systems provides a family of vertically profiling vehicles designed for a wide variety of ocean observation applications. MRV’s profiling autonomous vehicles are designed to provide global coverage, report high-resolution data and deploy from ships and aircraft. A high level of reliability and energy efficiency enables the MRV floats to operate continuously for years.

For more information, please visit MRV Systems’ website.